You Get What You Pay For!

In my quest for a new and larger ”Get Home Bag” (which is a bag you keep in your car which contains supplies and tools to get you home on foot in case a SHTF event that renders your car worthless because of EMP, lack of gas or any of the million other things that can go wrong with your vehicle) I stumbled upon Voodoo tactical at  The bag I was looking at was a 3-day size (large) Tobago Large Cargo Pack.  I did some research and the online reviews were positive.  I must digress for a moment and explain that I am a Maxpedition lover!  Their packs are VERY well thought out, VERY durable but REALLY, REALLY expensive!!!  When I realized I wanted a larger pack I first went to see what Maxpedition had… It was $150, OUCH!  So I thought I would look somewhere else for a more reasonably priced alternative.  Back to my story.  The description of this Voodoo bag says it holds TWO 3 liter reservoirs (nice!) and has “tons” (I quote it for a reason) of pouches.  Well, I ordered the pack and received it yesterday…. What a POS!! (That means piece of $hit) The zippers pulled apart the first time I unzipped it.  There are NO pouches or organizational systems and I cannot figure out where these TWO reservoirs are supposed to go!  This pack is worthless!  It is getting returned TODAY!

You need a VERY high quality pack (in my opinion) for your SHTF gear because when/if you need it, failure is not an option!  This stuff has to be rock solid!!  Imagine running down the street from (insert SHTF bogey man like zombies or biker gangs) only to have the zippers on your pack rip open and your only gear spills onto the street!!  Bummer!  Spend the extra money, get the Maxpedition gear …. You WILL NOT be Sorry!!

While we are talking about Get Home Bags, I wanted to share the modular system that I employ.  In my trunk I have a medium sized Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon IIpack.  It is stuffed with all your standard goodies like GPS, maps, compass, food rations, water, flash lights, light sticks, fire starters, pepper spray, knives, tent, multi-tool, iostat, medical supplies, water purifier, Nuk Alert, etc.  But for a family guy, depending on WHO is with me, I may need more “core” supplies (food, water) as well as specific items (diapers, wipes, children’s fever medicine).  To accomplish this I use a modular system.  Here is what I mean:

For each kid I have a little cardboard box in the back of my car with their specific stuff.  Diapers, wipes, medicine, a wide brimmed hat for hot days, a poncho for cold/rainy days, sunscreen, an additional bottle of water and food bars.  If the kid(s) are with me when I need to bug out of my vehicle I take their supplies and put it into the attached Maxpedition Rollypoly attached on my bag.  If you don’t know what Rollypolys are check them out, they are a great way to have additional storage capacity on your bags without all the bulkiness.  If the kids aren’t with me, then I don’t need to take the extra gear.  I keep it as light as possible.  Maybe I take the water or food depending on the situation.  Just some ideas for you! 



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