Would You Surf an Accounting Blog for Advice on Your Lasik Eye Surgery?

No? Then why do so many people surf survival sites for financial advice?  It drives me crazy when survivalists and survial blogs try to give financial advice!!  Tell me how to EMP proof my Dodge Dart or make tasty biscuits out of wheat and lighter fluid, but don’t lecture me on what to do with my money!!

Why are survival bloggers handing out financial advice?  Because right now it is the most probable source of a full-on SHTF scenario!  They need to perpetuate the paranoia and this is a fantastic way.  They could just be posting links to financial articles showing the doom and gloom, so why are they risking the exposure by making recommendations?  I don’t know the answer. 

I can tell you that people handing out advice on how to invest your money have been sued for the advice they gave when the investor lost it all.   The SP would never risk one of you survial nuts suing me for handing out investment adivce.  If you want advice on finance, investment or the economy then you should seek the advice of a financial expert.

If survivalists keep saying the markets will drop … eventually on some days they will be right.  I found it hilarious that when the markets would drop they would blog “I told you so” and then on up days … crickets.  They wouldn’t say anything.  Most financial guru’s who spend their whole lives following the markets don’t get it right, why do survival bloggers think they know what they are talking about?  It is baffling to me!

If you put your investments in super safe, SHTF type investments (i.e. gold, hi-cap magazines? or onther tangibles) than that is your choice, but do your due diligence and make an informed decision.



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