Why We Prep

Lets not lose sight of why we prep.  How many of you have insurance for your house? Car? Life? Boat?  What do you think the chances of needing those are?  For the car and boat, they odds are probably pretty realistic in favor of needing insurance.  As for the house, how many people do you know that actually had to collect on a house claim (either total destruction or major damage) … not that many right? Yet we spend big bucks insuring our homes and lives …. why?  BECAUSE THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING IN NEED OF INSURANCE AND NOT HAVING IT ARE JUST TOO GREAT!!!

This is the same reason we prepare.  I know many of you guys and gals are doomsayers and think the end is near and there is no way around it.  It is going to happen, 100% for sure!  I think you are wrong and that is just my opinion.  I think that there is a statistical probability that I will need my preps in one form or another at some point in the future.  I prep because I cannot afford to be un-prepped.  I WILL NOT look my kids in the eyes and tell them there is no food.   I will not watch as my wife is violated by some thief or looter.  I will not watch my family succumb to an injury that can be treated with basic medical supplies. 

That is why we prep.  The consequences of being right and needing all of my gear FAR outweigh the consequences of being wrong and having all my preps lay idle in the closet.  The best thing that could happen is my grand kids stumble upon by trove deep in a basement after my wife and I have passed away untouched … because thankfully we never needed it. 


-SP (Sorry for the late posting)

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