Why Should We Read Survival Blogs?

Well, first of all thanks for reading mine! 

I read survival, self-sufficiency and SHTF blogs for ideas.  That is it.  Ideas.

I do not agree with many of the authors, commentators or guest article writers.  But I do get a little something out of blog posts that I completely disagree with.  If there is a blog post about why bugging out is the only option I read it to get information on the disadvantages of bugging in so I can attempt to overcome them for my own situation.  I don’t agree with his conclusions but I agree that bugging in versus bugging out is something that I need to be thinking about.  

All of our circumstances are different.  These differences are what make each of our plans unique.   Whatever your circumstances are, they are not mine, Rangerman’s, Jim Rawles’, Jim Dakin’s or the boys over at TSLRF’s.  So read these posts to get ideas and suggestions for your own plan whatever it is.  Do not feel that you have to adopt one blogger’s philosophy even though they may want you to.  You need to tailor your plan to your family, geographic location, financial resources, time available and the million other constraints we all face.  Don’t worry that Rawles’ readers are buying hand crank hospital beds (I had to laugh when I read that, sorry Jim) and you are just getting to your backup water purifier.  It is ok, your plan is constrained by your suburban home (filled with kids and stairmasters) and your finances (barely enough to buy gas and food at these prices!). 

Use the blogs to get ideas to formulate your own plan!  Use them to think about SHTF scenarios or situations you had not thought of.  Use them to get your daily dose of paranoia so that you keep on preparing.


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