Where Are We Today?

Well, where are we SP?

Here are my thoughts.  As of today the short term threats are in Iran and the long term threats are the financial weakness of the US.  Both require prepping now to be ready and here is why…


These guys are nucking futs!  They blindly follow (or are forced to follow) religious zealot leaders who think that if you don’t agree with our god then I have to kill you.  Rational?  No, but a threat to us nonetheless since we are those who don’t agree with them.  Normally crazy people aren’t a real threat. Why? Well they are crazy and crazy people usually can’t get their shit together.  I don’t usually worry about the guy mumbling to himself at the train station about how he is going to kill me because chances are he isn’t capable of such.  I am not saying that he isn’t capable of doing so based on his “crazy” factor just that he is too crazy to purchase or locate a weapon, plan the attack, travel to my location, circumvent my security, and ultimately strike.  BUT – if I saw that same guy holding a bus pass, map of my area, shotgun and an article on how to hack home security systems, I might be more concerned.  In fact, at that point I might consider them an enemy and begin countering or preparing for their strike.  This is where IRAN is now. 

Iran has nuke technology.  They have smart people working for them, many of which may have been educated in the west.   They have the ability to strike our allies which will, without a doubt in my mind, pull us into the fray.  Now, I am not worried about a nuke strike here in the US that would be very difficult to pull off.  I am worried about the effects of Iran going nuts and attacking or provoking Israel to attack.  Two main concerns for me are (1) gas price and (2) free market collapse or stress.  We need to be prepared for $10 gas if Israel attacks Iran as that is essentially going to effect everything in regards to price – not just gas.  It takes fuel to get everything anywhere and the cost of everything will increase.  Less stuff means people are more irritable and society becomes less stable.  I am also worried about the hit the market will take.  Remember 9/11?  The market freaked out and dropped like a rock!  People are irrational when their retirement disappears.


I don’t have much to say here except that the situation in our government appears to be akin to a bunch of douche bags on the bridge of a ship that is headed right for an iceberg arguing about whose fault it is that we are headed for the iceberg and furthermore should we go left or right.  With both sides pulling the wheel the ship remains on course and continues to head for the iceberg.  PULL THE WHEEL EITHER WAY BECAUSE ONE WAY IS BETTER THAN WHERE WE ARE HEADED WHICH IS RIGHT INTO THAT F*’ING ICEBURG!  Raise taxes or lower spending – just pick one!  For the record I choose lower spending but I recognize that even higher taxes is better than a destroyed America!


Ok, for Iran – prep food because a disruption in the oil supply will cause chaos in the goods we need.  Pump your reserves up from wherever you are.  I also believe Iran is capable of cyber warfare.  This means taking down power grids or other systems.  Prep self-sufficient energy sources like solar or generator power.

For the long-term problems in the US prep voter ballots!  I am not kidding – vote anyone who does not have the stones to deal with the problem out!  If we manage to let someone in who flip-flops on us once in office – vote them out the next chance you get.  We need to get serious about this and now!  All kidding aside though – the US decline won’t be quick.  It will be slow and painful with massive service interruption in energy, telecom and basic services such as fire and police.  Basic self-sufficiency preps are key… DEFENSE, ENERGY, FOOD, WATER, MEDICINE and ENTERTAINMENT.  You need more of this than anything else.

Wait, SP… did you say entertainment?  Yes.  The post-shtf world is not going to be the go-go world we are used to.  Sure, at the beginning there will be a lot of work but once the boob tube goes down and the radio is done and electricity is no longer a staple but a necessity – you are going to have a lot of time on your hands.  If you have kids, your daily grind may be keeping them quiet and happy so prep entertainment.  You won’t be sorry.  Hell - if Carl had something to keep him busy then maybe he wouldn’t be such a little bitch and Dale would still have his guts!  (if you get that post the show in the comments)

Prep Hard and Prep Steady!

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