What is the Minimum?

What’s the Minimum Amount of Suburban Prep?

This question is a lot harder to answer than you might think. I got idea by accident the other day. A good friend of mine picked up a Mossberg 12-gauge at Big 5 that was on sale. He had never owned a gun before, he had never shot a shotgun before and it was a total impulse buy (are there any other types of gun purchases?) We were corresponding by email and as a final thought I mentioned that all he needs is 20lbs of rice and he is now better prepared than 90% of the people on his block. So it got me thinking, what is the absolute minimum that you could recommend to a friend that wants a SHTF insurance policy? Going overboard is easy! But what about helping friends and family get self-sufficient without overwhelming them with costs and storage constraints.

The SP’s Road Map for a MPS:
My friend’s impulse purchase got him 33% to a Minimum Preparedness State (MPS). The 12-gauge shotgun cannot be beat for dependability, impact and psychological effect. If you are looking for a house to rob and the owner is sitting on the porch with a 12-gauge, you find another house. You don’t even need a thousand rounds of buck. In my opinion 10 rounds is the minimum. (I know the gun nuts are going to freak out at this recommendation… but remember these are minimums!) [EDIT: I am going to agree with one of the comments and amend the ammo suggestion.  A 25 round box of bird shot is about the same price and although not as heavy duty as the "00" will still do sufficient damage.  The extra 15 shells certainly offsets the power reduction.  Also, it is probably advisable to spend a little more on the ammo since a shotgun without ammo is just a metal stick]

Next, add the aforementioned 20lbs of rice that will not take up much room at all and be able sustain him for a few weeks depending on his rationing. Rice is relatively cheap and therefore a little more is probably advised.

The last item is a Katadyn water filter. No water … No Life! You gotta have a way to get water in a post SHTF scenario. You can usually count on tap water in a normal power outage but in a total grid down scenario the municipa water plants aren’t going to be powered either. That is where the Katadyn Combi with sink adapter comes in. With the sink adapter you can pull water from the pipes at least for a while. This unique feature makes the additional cost worth while. Travel out of the house for any reason will be dangerous. An internal filter water source will be invaluable. After that you are going to have to be creative finding water sources.
So Here Is:
Mossberg “Security” model $249.99
10 rounds “00″ buck – $8.00 (or 25 round box of bird-shot; same price)
20lbs of rice – $30.00? (I haven’t priced it lately)
Katadyn Combi w/ sink adapter - $170
Grand Total for Your Suburban Insurance Policy – $458

Yeah, that seems high. But, except for the buying more rice after it goes bad (and that is a long way off if stored properly) your MPS kit has an indefinite shelf life.

(note that this guy is single and therefore for him this is sufficient. For families with children this would represent the absolute minimum and the rice portion must be adjusted)


Last and Certaintly not least a BIG Thank You to the guys over at the Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest!! The Suburban Prepper was said to have “solid potential”! Thanks for the increased traffic over here!


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