What EVERY Prepper Can Do RIGHT NOW!

I get emails all the time about what preps someone should buy.  “SP – I have this, and 2 of that… I have an extra $150 this month – What should I get?”  I try to answer as many of these as I can, although I am a normal working shlub like everyone else, so I really don’t have time.  My answer is almost always the same: BUY FOOD – BUY MORE FOOD – or maybe even BUY MORE MORE FOOD.

This is topic that I hit on frequently because it is so important.  See my APRIL 2010 POST HERERemember – YOU ARE ALWAYS GOING TO NEED FOOD!  Guns maybe.  Medicine probably. But always food.

So when people ask “what should I get” – I know I can direct them to deepen their food stores without knowing too much about their preps because it is the most useful prep know to man!  The debate about what the best barter item is seems moot – IT’S FOOD DUMMY! (too harsh?

Picture yourself post SHTF – You are well stocked (well, you read my blog don’t you?) and are doing well but you see your food stores dwindling – you aren’t buying anymore food and you are living strictly off your stores.  Sure you might have a good stock… but for how long?  Your neighborhood has been relatively unaffected by violence or looting.  Many families bugged out and the ones that are left realize that neighborhood violence is NOT a good idea.  You look around and see 5 AR-15s, a couple pump action 12 gauges and a myriad of pistols laying around… hmmm, I wonder if my neighbor would trade for some food?  Can’t hurt to try now rather than when we are almost out!

As you travel your neighborhood NO ONE wants the pistols or the pump or even the ARs – they are asking YOU for food!  No one will trade their food post event except for someone desperate for medicine – that may be the only exception.

How do you prep for this?  FOOD – FOOD and more FOOD!  Position yourself to have the most valuable commodity on the planet when food production stops. 

Another hint – Prep non-hybrid seeds!  These will be invaluable as well.  Check out Beprepared.com‘s #10 can with non-hybrid seeds with a 4 year shelf life.  They plant enough food to cover TWO basketball courts!  Even if you don’t sell the seeds, make an arrangement with your neighborhood… you supply the seeds, they supply the work and you split the crop!  BTW – Beprepared.com is one of the best prep gear sites out there. 











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