Unexcused Absence


As many of you have noticed I have not been posting with a steady frequency.  The truth is that gas prices, food prices and the general state of the stock market have forced me to sell my computer, cancel my ISP and forced me into bankruptcy. 

Well, actually that has not happened YET!!! Like many of you I am really starting to feel the pinch of a failing America.  I am sad to report that many of my fellow preppers, friends and family are in the same predicament.  I have no answers, no witty comments and no advice for you. 

Here is what I am doing to stay above water and prepare for what I believe is a very hard landing.  I am stocking up on food, water and ammo.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be. 

Food: I am worried that even IF we have enough food to go around and are not subjected to real shortages there is going to be no way to get the food from the fields to my table.  Food (as well as everything else in this country) is shipped via trucks. Large trucks that get very little miles per gallon and which use diesel fuel.  You know, the fuel that is over $5.00 per gallon right now!!  There are trucker strikes in Europe right now and they are getting ugly.  Check it out here.  There is a lot of talk about truckers simply refusing to haul freight because they can longer make a profit.  Without those trucks… the US economy is in deep $hit!!!

Water: California is coming into a serious drought. Southern California is hardest hit because they import all their water.  When supplies of a precious commodity such as water are so tight we are very susceptible to a serious problem developing from a minor interruption of service.  A small earthquake that damages the California Aqua duct would be disastrous.  Any sort of earthquake activity in California can seriously disrupt the flow of what the Romans called the “nectar of the Gods”.  Why?  Because you can’t live without it! 

Ammo:  Well, this stems from a general deterioration of the US.  We are making enemies faster than we can count.  Those enemies are forming together against us.  There are reports that Russia is behind the latest computer attacks on our legislature.  Don’t ever forget how pissed off Russia is at us for winning the cold war.  If you were in a serious long term rivalry with another person or family and they “won” … you would never forget it!  You would be constantly waiting for your time to seek revenge.  Russia has nukes huh? 

With food prices on the rise there is also a rise in welfare and food stamp claims.  What does that mean?  More people are hungry and desperate.  When they get to starving, they will do ANYTHING to feed themselves or their families.  Crime is going to rise seriously. 

I try to remain as impersonal as I can while blogging.  However, I feel that those of you who continue to visit my site deserve to know why I have not been getting to writing.  I am currently studying to take the California State Bar exam to become a licensed attorney.  That means that I not only have little or no time… I have NEGATIVE time.  I have more things to do than I have time.  So sadly enough, the blog had to suffer.  I am truly sorry for that. 

I have been resisting this for a while but in the interest of keeping the blog going I want to send out a signal flare.  By that I mean I want YOUR help.  There have been many fantastic comments posted.  Some thoughts are far more insightful than my own.  SO I would like to ask for your help in getting good content for posting.  (Yes, I realize that is what Rawles does and I am not happy about having to do it). 

Send your posts or ideas to suburbanprepper @ gmail.com and I will gladly put them up.  No prizes or anything like survivalblog.  But you do get the satisfaction of contributing to the survival/prepping community and seeing your name in lights (sort of)

Thanks for all your support.  As soon as the Bar is over, I will have a lot more time to devote to the site.  Not only that, but by that time the world will be in so much crap there will be plenty to write about!


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