Two Words… TACTICAL TOMAHAWK … Got your attention?

Um yeah, I’ll take 10 please! I cannot think of a better prepper weapon for quietly dispatching a zombie, varmit or intruder than a mother-luvin TACTICAL TOMAHAWK!

There are two versions as best I can tell and both are available at  VERSION 1 is HERE (and comes with a compass) and VERSION 2 is HERE (I think this is the older one) and both are ONLY ABOUT $30!!

I just ordered the green handled one seen above (VERSION 1) and can’t wait to thwart the tree uprising surely being planned in my backyard right now.  Those trees must know the meaning of loyalty and my trusty TACTICAL TOMAHAWK will gladly teach them!

In all seriousness – do NOT underestimate the importance of a bladed weapon for preparedness or survival.  Yes they popular right now because of the Zombie movement (i.e. The Walking Dead) but they also serve a very practical purpose.  Pick up a couple today!



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