They May Be Closer Than You Think

One of the toughest aspects of assembling a survival or prep group is how we find others like us without broadcasting our beliefs to all.  Many of us, including myself, are hesitant to let others know about our prepping activities because we are content living our normal lives and don’t need any unwanted attention.  The byproduct of this isolationism is that we may never meet enough people to form a quality survival group.  I firmly believe that a group is the absolute best way to survive.  I do not have one… I am jealous of those who do.

With a group you can more readily purchase retreat property by spreading the costs over several members (check with your attorney before taking title jointly with anyone), you can acquire specialized equipment that is extremely expensive (night vision, home fire fighting water pumps) and lets face it… strength in numbers!

As this blog has expanded I have needed to call on friends for support and favors.  Of the last three people I have talked to about my blog and the preparedness movement all three confessed that they are preppers themselves and are totally interested in learning more about prepping.  I was shocked and awed!

So do your best to find creative ways to let your friends and neighbors know that you are are into self sufficiency and preparedness.  You don’t need to go into your specific (maybe more controversial) beliefs right away.  You might want to keep the gun and “foil hat” talk until later.  Folks who are not into guns but still have a preppers mindset are a valuable asset and shouldn’t be dismissed.  They can still make great member of a prepper group.  Take a risk let a few select people know about prepping … Oh wait, you are preppers, you don’t take risks!


There were some positive/negative comments about my suggestions regarding a CERT program in my neighborhood.  First, let me clarify my statement. I intended to bring a CERT program to my neighborhood NOT take a CERT class and be part of the overall FEMA CERT program.  You can purchase the materials and kits yourself and it will help bond your neighborhood to the preparedness movement without being bound to assist FEMA when disaster hits.  That was not my intention at all.  It is my intention to assist my neighbors.  Even if you take CERT training programs you cannot be forced to participate in any FEMA rescue operation.  The law cannot force anyone to work against their wishes although you may be penalized in other ways if you agreed to assist otherwise.


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