The Writing Is on the Wall!!!

It is a great time to a be a preparedness or survival blogger!  There is so much $hit hitting the fan right now, I just wish I had more time to blog!!

Here is the list of things happening that has caused me to order several new cases of Mountain House and Provident Pantry #10 cans from, pick up a new SIG, stock up a few hundred more rounds of ammo, finally buy a police scanner and generally fear for the future:

Oil prices.  Is this peak oil?  No one knows.  But supply and demand economics are certainly telling us something.  How can we not be there?  These high prices are here to stay and that means a faltering economy and higher prices for EVERYTHING else.  High prices drive the crime rate up and that threatens you and me!

Iran: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON THERE?  Check out this story where it was leaked that Bush has been carrying out covert operations against Iran for a while now!  Three wars is three too many with the economic problems we have here at home!  If we even think of attacking Iran the world economy will CRASH and CRASH HARD because of the worries over oil supply.  Not only that, but the rest of the world will freak out when Iran (who we all know is totally crazy) retaliates against the US and our allies, namely Israel.  Then Israel will retaliate against Iran (because Israel is hard-core and they live in a tough “neighborhood”), can you say thermonuclear war? 

Economy: Look, I am a reasonably intelligent and informed individual.  Everyone in the world has their own opinion about when the credit crisis is going to end, what is going on with the whole derivatives game and what inflation is doing.  This is what I ABSOLUTELY KNOW ABOUT THE ECONOMY: (1) Know one knows a damn thing for sure, (2) Things have gotten way out of line due to lack of government regulation on things they don’t understand (how can you draft legislation about derivatives if you don’t know what the hell they are?) (3) There is a very good chance that a major piece of $hit is headed for the very large fan centered on wall street.  If the jobs figures keep coming out and looking bad, you can expect the market to drop even further.  I am personally invested in the market and I am starting to worry.  I am worrying about all these stories of banks having to sell stock to raise the required minimum capital required by the banking regulators.  I am definitely keeping more cash around the house than normal.  I look at Bank of America and see that their dividend yield is over 10%!!!!  With interest rates paying around 2% why aren’t professional money managers jumping all over this and buying every bit they can get their hands on?  I don’t know the answer, but I do know that if a 10% yield from one of the oldest banks in the country isn’t enough to get you excited then I don’t know what is!!!!   [I offer you no financial advice and you should not rely on my statements as financial advice.  Always consult a certified financial adviser for investment decisions and do not rely on the misinformed rants of an Internet blogger].

Terrorist Attacks: Remember those guys?  Not really huh?  And that is exactly when they show up.  You think they forgot all about how much they hate us, no no my friend!  They know that the best time to attack is when your adversary is weak.  The US hasn’t been this weak in a long time.  Just my thoughts guys. 

It cannot hurt to get some extra food, water and personal protection squared away because the coming months or years may be rocky.  Even a small disaster can cause major supply interruption.  In my neck of the woods the biggest single threat is a large earthquake.  A large quake could shut down power, water and supply distribution quite quickly. 

Don’t trust 911 to save your family from a criminal, don’t trust FEMA to feed your family after a natural disaster and don’t trust our government to make wise decisions. 


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