The 411, The Dealio, What is going on here? Ohh, and Some Actual Advice!!

Fellow Suburban Preppers Surfing for Additional Reasons to be Paranoid:

As you can tell I am still trying to figure this crap out. My head is bursting with ideas and advice but translating that into a blog is proving to be more difficult than I thought (I thought it would be easy…ha!)

So these intial pages are all about the SP’s learning curve. No, that doesn’t mean there won’t be good stuff here. I plan I rewarding anyone who will take the time to stop by and read. What it means it, I am waiting to start my campaign of increased traffic until I have this little lady (my page) running on all cylinders!! Hoo-Raa!

This site IS dedicated to a small niche that has not been filled yet… The Suburban Prepper! If you are living in a McMansion or tract home, that doesn’t mean you cannot prepare for the Apocalypse! If just takes a little more planning. The SP has been on the case for several years now and think I can help you.

If you are actually looking for some advice, something to steal for your own blog or just something to mention to your wife so you can justify your latest order to cheaperthandirt … here goes:

Test Your Long Term Food Supplies

As Bison says, some things seem so obvious that you assume everyone would do it… Not Always the Case fellow bunker dwellers! You see, when I began this conquest for self-sufficiency I started blindly ordering long-term storage food. My idea (flawed or not) was that rotation is a bitch and I don’t want to eat this stuff on a daily basis. So where can I get the most bang-for-my-buck. What is the longest lasting food? Well, as many of you know Mountain House #10 cans ROCK as far as cost and long-term storage… 35 YEARS? Really? But, how do they taste? Are they even foods you and the Misses want to eat?

Yes, I am getting to the point. Those #10 cans are the best way to go for long-term storage. The pouches will only get you 5 -7. Don’t get me wrong, that ain’t bad. So how do I figure out what Rocks and what …. well, I guess doesn’t rock. TASTE TESTS!!

Go to (prepare for plugging), or your other favorite website and buy a couple different Mountain House 2 person pouches in different flavors you THINK you will like. Sample each one and let the FAMILY sample each one!!! The Suburban Marauder is a family man. If my kids don’t like it, they ain’t gonna eat it! My main duty is to them so I better get what they like. Once you find the flavors you like, feel free to invest in a number of #10 cans of that type. Nothing could be worse than a closet full (remember this is a suburban prep site, no basement bunker like Rawles’ site) of food you nor your family will eat. In my case, MH’s Chili Mac was soooo spicy I drank a gallon of water along with the meal. Does that sound like an appropriate amount of water consumption??? Hell No! Don’t waste the wet gold!

The same goes for MREs. The SP isn’t not a big fan of the MRE meal… no no no! But I am loving the MRE side dishes, snacks and desserts …. Yummy! However, I did not figure this out without a lot of research. That means I order a single pack of each type from and once I figured out what I liked, BOOM, I ordered it by the case load.

FYI, the kids and wife love the deserts. I believe that after a SHTF scenario keeping them calm with yummy foods while I patrol the perimeter is advantageous.
Here are some of the SP’s favorites:
Chocolate Brownie
Lemmon Poppy Pound Cake
Chedder Filled Pretzels
And Please … Do Not forget the Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread!!!

Also, I have ordered extensively from all the sites above and recommend them to you… free of charge of course!

Get Testing Everyone!!!

Please check back, the more people that roll through, the more motivated I’ll be!! Comments, even cruel ones are appreciated … It means that someone is looking!!


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