Survival and Prepping In the News

Well, this almost isn’t fun anymore!  Prepping is “main stream” and everyone is looking around and thinking “Holy Shit, things really COULDcollapse and I might be on my own for a while!”  The good news is that you are waaaaay ahead of the curve and you’ve been stockpiled for a while… RIGHT?  Of course you have!

In today’s survival and prepping climate you can feel free to be a little more liberal with who you tell about your survival or preparedness tendencies.  Who knows, you may even make a survival buddy or two.  Of course they may be “fair weather” survivalists and when things begin to stabilize they will cease and desist their survivalist ways, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.  If you are a single survivalist feel free to post a risque online dating profile.  “Camouflaged, well armed, paranoid suburbanite seeks canning enthusiast who enjoys .223 rounds, rotating food stores and can signal ‘I love you’ in Morse code via eye blinking

You know prepping is main stream when Kiplinger gets into the fray!  Aren’t they a frickin’ finance magazine?  Anyway, here is a decent article on main stream prepping along with some financial survival advice.  God knows I could use that right now!  Doesn’t anyone have a good recipe for pigeon stew?  I am getting hungry and I seem to have no money anymore.

Here is one BIG positive to the whole “the US is crumbling into a pile of dog feces” debacle … Illegal immigration declines as U.S. economy falters.  It turns out that if the US isn’t so pleasant and ripe with opportunity illegals immigrants stay OUT… Maybe we are onto something here?

Not to stray too far from the discussion of finances and disaster but here is a really interesting article on the new “currency” in the prison system.  It has been said that the prison system is a glimpse into the future of a apocalyptic world.  They have their own rules, regulations, currency and hierarchy.  Usually dominated by gangs and run by the toughest and roughest hombre in the group the prison system is based on the survival of the fittest.  It seems that once cigarettes were banned, the inmates needed a new currency or store of wealth and decided the packets of mackerel.  WTF?  No one would eat them and they were available at the commissary so they were the perfect medium for exchange.  This just proves that even the simplest of economic systems needs a currency.  When the dust settles and new world begins to rebuild, there will have to be a new form of currency.  I truly believe it will be based on gold and silver.  It would be almost impossible to rewire the survivors’ brains to not believe in gold and silver as a place to store value.  Or it could be mackerels… What do I know?

WARNING: Of the Topic Personal Rant Ahead:   Ok, WHEN WHEN WHEN are we going to cut foreign aid?  SERIOUSLY, we should be getting it from other countries right now.  It is like your neighbors, you know the ones… they spend more than they have, they are so far in debt they don’t know what life without debt is like, they refuse to stop spending and they are GIVING MONEY AWAY TO PEOPLE WHO HATE THEM!  The US gave away $21.2 BILLION dollars in 2007SourceThat money should be here AT HOME HELPING AMERICANS!!! COME ON, THE TIME TO BE PROTECTOR OF THE WORLD IS OVER.  BRING IT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up your prepping.  Everyday gets us a little closer to complete self sufficiency.  I truly believe that everything will be fine but I am not betting my families life on it!  ARE YOU?

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