Support Our Troops!!

With all the hype about troop withdrawls, troop increases and how they relate to the upcoming election we may have forgotten about our boys in the deserts. These guys and gals have nothing to do with the political turmoil this war is embroiled in … to use an old phrase “Hey man, I just work here!”

The SPand his family are proud supporters of the US Armed Forces and we hope you are too.

Here is some actually good news about the war (Really?  Yeah!).  Our Congress in their infinite wisdom has actually figured out that Iraq has oil!!! Really, Where?  And that they can pay for their own F$$KING REBUILDING!! While we are stuck in one of the worst economic situations in the last 100 years, the Iraq government is getting hand-outs from OUR money.  Don’t forget people, the United States government doesn’t MAKE any money, they collect it from us and disburse it as they feel necessary.  Well thankfully it only took SIX years for our congress to come up with this bright idea! (Insert sacrastic tone here)

“I think the American people are growing weary not only of the war, but they are looking at why Baghdad can’t pay more of these costs. And the answer is they can,” said Sen.Nelson to AP. 

Ya Think Sen. Nelson? What gave you that glaring insight into the minds of the average american?  I am soooo depressed about our national leaders right now.  Oh, how is this related to suburban survival or preparedness?  Not sure, but it is like therapy to write it!

Source Here.

Also, check out the Cost of The War Counter.  It is pretty cool how you can break it down by state, county and compare the alternatives.

Today’s post is a little at odds.  Above is support the troops and below is a rant about the war and spending.  That is the beauty about being bipolar! 

Don’t forget to check the book review over at Rangerman’s SHTFblog that I wrote.  There are great little nuggets of survival in there.


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