Super Cheap Security System

Survival is all about creativity and low price.  All of our preps need to be minimal in cost since (for must of us) they are a luxury.  Most people don’t have the luxury of being able to set aside money for unknown disasters.  Today especially, families are barely making ends meet and therefore preparedness budgets are small if at all existent. 

Intrusion detection is a critical aspect of most prep plans. You must assume that you are going to operating in a no power situation or, if lucky, in a reduced power situation when running on solar, wind or generator power.  An ideal intrusion detection system is one that uses no power, has a low cost and a high reliability factor.  What is this security panacea you speak of SP?  Well, I will tell you.

Black Cat Snaps!  You know what I am talking about even if you don’t recognize the name.  They are those little white paper sacks filled with God-knows-what that “snap” when you throw them on the ground, step on them or if you are really brave, bite them!  They are $11.00 for 2,500!!  They are not reliant on power and I am assuming they have a long shelf life (if anyone has any data on this please post it in the comments)  They are available at cheaper than dirt at the above price as well as most convenience store’s counter displays (can you say “impulse buy”?

To set up your low tech intrusion detection system you spread them all over the floor in front of doors, windows, hallways or other access point into your retreat (works best on hard wood or thin carpet).  They can also be spread outside in front of doors and windows.  Downside to outdoor use that winds will blow them away eventually or immediately if the breeze is strong enough.  If you have a thick carpet you may wish to use some plywood to lay them on in front of windows etc.  Bad guys enter and step on the snaps…. SNAP… you are awaken and aware of the problem. 

Not perfect but it can be effective, it is low cost and if everything goes as planned you and kids and whip them at each other for fun!  No waster here!


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