Suburban Preppers Rule!

Although the movement was started by survivalist/isolationist types, the suburban preppers have taken over in terms of numbers and strategy.  Over at, you can check the stats yourself.  HALF of those surveyed are suburban preppers.  Although it is a relatively small sample at 140 it is large enough to show that suburban dwellers are the number (and percentage for that matter) majority of preppers.  Why?  Well the answer is relatively simple but still can’t ignored.  Suburbanites outnumber the rural “outlanders”.  Suburban preppers are going to be a force to be reckoned with.   If enough of us prepare for the worse, we will become a force of our own. 

One of my goals is to start a C.E.R.T. program with my enclave (my housing development).   C.E.R.T. stands for Community Emergency Response Team.  It is a program that provides the community with the knowledge, skills and equipment to help others in the time of a disaster.  Check them out.  I beleive you can apply to FEMA to get so of the equipment for free so it is worth looking into.  It will also get your neighbors thinking about prepping or be a great way to find other preppers who may be off the grid.

The other awesome stat was that the majority of those surveyed plan to shelter in place which I am a strong advocate of.  Attempting to flee even moderately populated areas is a mistake.  Almost every populated area has only one or two major arteries of ingress and egress and those will be absolutely jammed, I am talking parking lot!  Unless you have a sure-fire way (read helicopter) to get to your retreat, your best bet is to shelter in place, lock the house down and ride out the disaster.  The silver lining to the “Golden Horde” theory is that there will be masses of unprepared folks flooding OUTof the burbs.  Leaving us with more resources to scrounge and less people to worry about.  You can grow crops in your neighbors back yard when he makes a run for it or set up a rain catchment system on your neighbors roof for additional water capacity.

When the roving bands start to loot they will be harder pressed to find the suburban prepper because we will be hiding among thousands of homes that look the same.  A needle in a needle stack so to speak.  But the outlanders stick out like a sore thumb when you are hunkered down in the only structure on a large piece of land. 

I am thinking of putting together some Suburban Prepper T-shirts for my readers.  Any interest?  A good friend is a graphic artist and he is playing around with ideas as we speak.  Let me know your thoughts.

Please note, I have been almost completely off the survival “blog grid” for a few weeks.  A lot of bloggers will counter post or comment on each others’ posts.  Since I haven’t read anyone’s posts for quite a while my posts may be discussing the same things the other guys/gals are discussing.  If so, it is unintentional.  I am doing my best to catch up.


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