Suburban Gardening for Preppers – Even in Tight Spaces!

I live in the suburbs – hence my blog is focused on those of us living in the burbs.  I live on a postage stamp lot which means my backyard is basically all concrete and my front yard is controlled by my homeowners’ association… sound familiar?

So when it comes to gardening – HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO GROW ANYTHING?  Well, my garden isn’t impressive.  In fact, I know it is not a “survival garden” as it is not enough to feed my family in time of SHTF.  If that happens I plan on saying the hell with the HOA and growing whatever and wherever I can on my property or neighborhood.  Get your survival seeds ahead of time at one of our vendors such as Emergency because without seeds all the skills and soil won’t mean squat!

For right now I am going to share with you something I learned about GROW BAGS or grow pots as they are sometimes called.  No, they aren’t just for pot… come on!  They make a major impact on your growing.  See the two photos below.  The photos stink.. I know.  But look at the tomatoes in picture #1 on the right.  They are fuller, darker and all around larger.  They are in GROW BAGS.  Now look at the second pic.. see the tomato on the far left, that is in a traditional ceramic pot.  Look at the size, color and fullness of that plant… much different right?

This is my actual garden!

You can also see in the first pic that I have grow bags for carrots (in orange of course) and grow bags for beans (hiding in the back in blue).  These are just sitting right on concrete with a drip system.  The concrete gets hot and heats the soil which promotes growing.  The concept – as I understand it – is that the grow bags allow air to permeate throughout the soil allowing for better root growth which results in better plants and fruiting.

The added bonus is that during the winter the bags store compactly in your garage or shed.  They don’t take up much space.

The grow bags can be easily moved to take advantage of sun exposure and even brought indoors at night to prevent theft of the plant or even your hungry (unprepared) neighbors sneaking into your yard at night to steal your crops!

See what I have done and you will see that it is extremely expandable.  You don’t need much space to get a small survival garden going.  REMEMBER – TRY THIS STUFF OUT NOW BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH A LEARNING CURVE WHEN THE S HITS THE F!!!!



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