Stuff I REALLY Liked (and bought) from Last Post

Ok here is what I thought was thoughtful and what I actually bought:

Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit - Compact and portable.  Fishing could be an essential way to survive.  Creeks, rivers and lakes are home to TONS of food IF you have the equipment (and know how) to get them out!  Do some research and ask around what bait to use for any areas you plan on fishing.

PROKNOT Outdoor Knots - When the S hits the fan you are going to jerry rigging EVERYTHING!  If there is one thing my dad taught me - it is that the right knot can make all the difference.  Remember – a perfect knot is not just about making it tight and secure but being able to UNtie it easily!

Paisley Cotton Bandanas - What SP?  Seriously?  Yes!  As I thought about it I realized bandanas are so useful.  tourniquet – Mouth cover in dust – head cover from the sun – bandage – etc, etc… Get a BUNCH!

Just Some Ideas – If I hadn’t thought of them perhaps you didn’t either.






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