Spice it Up!!

I was grilling it up tonight and ran out of my favorite spice.  It prompted me to write this short post.  

Get some spices on hand for your food supplies.  I like emergency essentials long term storage spices.  I am a big fan of salt and garlic as a way to “spice” up that storage food.  Also, if you are forced to eat rat or pigeon you are going to want need some spices!  They are relatively inexpensive and can bad stored for years if done properly.  They don’t take up much space either which makes them ideal for the suburban prepper who is light on storage space. 

Side Note #1: I am brainstorming ways to get prepared-minded folks in contact with each other as was suggested by several posts and a lot of emails.  So far, nothing!

Side Note #2: The T-shirt designs are coming along.  Look for them in the next couple weeks.


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