I know that attacking James W. Rawles is asking for trouble.  I know that he has a following that I couldn’t even imagine having.  I know that his credentials are vast and superior to almost everybody.  But I worry about his readers.  I really do. 

Here is a quote from his blog from today May 21, 2008 regarding increasing ammo prices. 

“Ammo is better than money in the bank”

Really Mr. Rawles?  That is a bold statement considering that the last time I went to Safeway to buy food with a bag of 9mm I got a funny look from the cashier.  The last time my daughter needed treatment in the emergency room the ER doc wasn’t sure about taking an ammo can full of .45ACP as payment. 

I certainly hope that his readers are not putting all their money in ammo at the detriment of having liquid cash around.  A very serious event would have to happen in order for ammo to become MORE valuable than money.  I just don’t think that the probability of such an event occurring justifies making a statement that ammo is BETTER than money in the bank.  I do concede that such an event is possible but highly unlikely.

FOOD is better than money in the bank.  During a SHTF event everyone is going to trade for food.  Productive farmland (as Mr. Rawles recommends) may be better than money in the bank, but not ammo.  I can take my money in the bank to another country if the SHTF here in the US.  Try calling a Cayman island bank and asking them what the current exchange rate for .223 is?

I know that you can trade for ammo and for the most part can be converted back into liquid cash.  But to who?  Except for a limited number of people, who is going to give you cash for your ammo?  EVERYONE takes money from the bank.   

My stance on trading ammo is well documented on my blog.  I DO NOT THINK TRADING FOR AMMO IS A GOOD IDEA.  IN FACT, IT IS A BAD IDEA.  There are a lot of guns out there.  But most of those people do not stock much, if any, ammo.  By trading away your ammo, you are in essence arming a large part of the population that was previously unarmed.  I know several households that have guns an NO ammo.  Not a little ammo but NO ammo.  They are essentially harmless to me.  But I trade away some ammo and as soon as their food runs out they now have the means to possibly take mine!  Not going to happen here!

Mr. Rawles, with all due respect you just went too far with that statement. 


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