Prescription Glasses for SHTF

If you wear glasses like me then you know that your vision is seriously compromised without your specs.  In a SHTF scenario you are going to need every advantage you can get and that means having good glasses.  Most “designer” glasses today can handle a rat fart without falling apart.  They will surely fail sooner than later when put to heavy use. 

The solution, get some Wiley X shooting glasses in your prescription that double as sweet SHTF specs.  They are ANSI Z87.2 safety approved plastic lenses with very durable hard plastic frames.  They can take a hot shell casing right to eye without any trouble so debris and dust shouldn’t be a problem either.  The SP got the P-17s at  They have several different lens choices.  Standard frames are clear which are great for indoor shooting.  You can buy up to tinted lens for outdoor use or even the traditional yellow lenses desired by shooters.  I suggest upgrading the lens plastic to a harder more durable substance such as the Polycarbonate ($15 extra) or the High Index Plastic ($40 extra).    Also get them with a scratch resistant coating ($15) and anti fogging coating ($25).  They come with a strap that goes behind your head to hold them in place even when you get sweaty and move around a lot, a nice soft/hard case, cleaning cloth and those 80′s style lanyards so you can wear them around your neck!

I use mine at the range and I have found them to be comfortable and the prescription was accurate.  I can’t tell you what a difference prescription shooting glasses makes!  BTW, I am near sighted so without a scope I couldn’t hit the broad side of a bus without my glasses.  If you are really paranoid you should get 2 or three pairs because during extended periods of SHTF, they are going to get used and abused.

Remember, prescription shooters are not something you can get in a hurry.  They have a few week lead time so get yours now before the world ends!!!


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