Prepping for Rats and Snakes in the Post SHTF World

Here’s a thought -

The world goes to shit – not sure why but use your imagination.  Now we are all on our own living the best we can off our limited resources.  YOUR resources are better than your neighbors because you read my blog and your are ahead of the game.  Ok, so we are going through this and things aren’t so bad.  You planned ahead and you THINK you thought of everything.  You have a decent OPSEC, keeping your food packaging debris hidden so the entire neighborhood doesn’t know you are living well – but what about the rest of the neighborhood?  Guaranteed they are just throwing their waste in the street, down at the park or maybe that abandoned lot. 

What does garbage bring?  Rats.  Stay with me.  What do rats bring?  Yes, mother f-in SNAKES!  And oh how do I hate those slithering stuff disturbers!  In northern California we have, for the most part, king, gardener and rattlesnakes.  Two out of three aren’t poisonous but the third – whoa momma… they pack a punch!

Prep some rat traps, (I like these good old fashion ones) if you can keep your area rat free, perhaps it will be snake free as well.  Yes, even in the burbs snakes can be a problem.  Remember, there will be few, if any at all, cars and trucks moving around.  Your dogs and cats will likely be pulled in the house for defense and OPSEC reasons.  There will be just less activity.  Activity is what has been keeping snakes at bay… but not for long!

HERE is a great article by a GREAT Site… Surviving Healthy about snake bites.

The last thing you want is an untreated rattlesnake bite.  Google rattlesnake bite pictures and see for yourself!  I was searching for some pics to put on the post and they were so bad – I just couldn’t do it!



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