Prepping For Different Climates

You never know when the shit is going to hit the fan (I don’t usually swear, but I am feeling saucy today).  According to Murphy’s Law, disaster will strike at the worst possible moment.  Included in that is extreme temperatures or weather conditions.  I live in a climate that is basically mild.  No snow during the winter and the heat is dry during the summer.  However, We are currently in the middle of a little heatwave with the temperature around 105 which sucks.

When making your prep plans, please account for possible extreme conditions due to our loving Mother Nature.  I cannot speak for those of you that live in snow country.  You have a much better idea of what you are up against.

When planning for water consumption most of us use the two gallons per person per day.  That is based on a temperate climate.  Crank the heat dial up to 100+ degrees and your water consumption is going to increase to 3 or more gallons per day based on your exertion level.  No matter what you are doing, your going to need more water the hotter it gets.

When I planned out my bug-out-bags and get-home-bags I included gear and provisions for both climate extremes.  I included large brimmed hats and sunscreen for a hot day’s walk home as well as the same gear for my kids in case they are with me.  That includes the kid friendly sunscreen.  I have ponchos (adult and kid) for a walk home in the rain and the hats will work to keep the rain out as well. 

Even if you live in a paradise like California, you should be prepared for extreme colds.  Obviously you don’t need to prep to the extent that those who live in snow country do.  Many of us have the thermostat set to 50 or so in the winter and don’t even realize the heater kicks on in the middle of the night to help keep the extreme cold out.  But once the power is down, you may soon realize just how cold it can get, especially at night.  Keep those old blankets and comforters instead of tossing them.  Throw them in a garbage bag and into the attic.  They may not look good (or smell good) when you need them, but warmth over comfort wins every time!  You may wish to invest in a Mr. Heater portable heater that runs off Coleman propane, especially if you have really little ones.  They need the warmth more than we do. 

Remember, things go bad when you least expect it and when external events will make that event even worse.  Plan for rainy, sunny, snowy, hot, humid, frozen conditions. 


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