Plenty of Reminders

You do not have to read into the headlines very far for reasons to prepare.  That Chinese earthquake was horrible.  My thoughts are with the families that lost children.  The cyclone bad news just keeps coming and there maybe NO way to tell how many people perished for a long time.

The S hits the fan when you least expect it.  Remember my post about the earthquake while on vacation?  The last thing on my mind was preparedness.  Mother nature doesn’t care what time it is. That Chinese earthquake hit at the absolute worst time possible. 

Expect the worst.  Never let your guard down.  You never know if you are going to have another week to square away preps.  Earthquakes are scary.  You have absolutely NO warning, they shake like hell and they can get you anywhere.  There are no earthquake shelters. 

This is your daily dose of “Get Off Your Ass and Prep“!  Those people in Myanmar STILL don’t have food or water.  How would you like to watch your daughter starve or dehydrate to death?  Not me boy!  I may not have every contingency planned for or enough food to last years but I am NOT going down without a fight!  I suggest you do the same!

You will never feel 100% secure with your preps. No matter how much you plan or prep, there is always something.  Do the best you can, do as much as you can while you can and you will have the best chances of being alive when the S drips off the fan and onto the floor.


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