Plan A, B, C … Z ? and Should You Buy Now?

Have Multiple Plans: As preppers, survivalists or whatever you want to call us we have plans and backup plans and a backup plan to the backup plan.  What is the one thing we as survivalists can expect?  It is the unexpected.

Be prepared for ALL your plans to go to the wind.  Keep your head on a swivel at all times and keep your plans dynamic and not static.  As you  learn about what is going on adjust your options and plans accordingly.  Do not make the mistake of being pig-headed and refusing to adjust to changing conditions.  It is possible that a week or so after a SHTF event you are bugged-in (of course you are, you are in the burbs remember?) and you hear fires are out of control and headed your way.  You may have to get ready to roll out and make a go of it.  You may have to start looking for abandoned homes in a low-fire-risk area.  The circumstances will dictate the proper course of action. 

When you have some down time, keep processing potential options.  Gather intel on alternative plans and keep your options open!

Should you be Buying Now?  We have all seen the headlines.  Food prices are going up.  That means survival/prep foods are going to go up more than they have already.  It can’t hurt to accelerate some food purchases (The SP is a huge fan of Mountain House for its flavor/cost/long term shelf life)  It may not be a bad idea to pick up a few extra cases before too long.  Besides, they have a shelf life of 35 years!!!!  Come on, they will never go bad!  I know a post about rising prices is not cutting edge it can’t hurt to mention it again.  On a personal note, I went to the grocery store the other day instead of my wife and was shocked at the food price increases over the last 6 months.  There is a soup my kids like that has been $0.99 forever and it is now $1.89!  That is almost a 100% increase!!!  It is not going to be getting cheaper anytime soon either.

Guns:Like you need another reason to buy a new gun, right?  But if Hillary / Obama are elected there is a serious (although not absolute) chance of some seriously uncool gun legislation.  There is a lot of talk about this going on but their is a chance that ALL MAG FED WEAPONS WILL BE TARGETED!!!  Yeah, it made me shiver too!!!  ALL MAG FED WEAPONS, handguns and rifles alike!!  I do not usually buy into the hoopla of “buy now as you never know if this stuff will be available in the future” hype … but in this case, if you were already planning a new purchase in the next year or two … get it before the election!!


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