Personal Spy Drones

Knowledge is power and can changes the tides of battle in favor of those who have it.  The US Military – and all militaries for that matter – spends billions of dollars every year developing technology that will provide them with intelligence or “intel”.  This intel, if used properly will give them the advantage over their adversaries who don’t have it.  The most common form on today’s battlefield is that of remote drones with cameras and sensors that feed information back to leadership so that they may make good tactical decisions.  So why don’t we as preppers invest in intel and ways to give our selves the same advantage with the SHTF?  Well, drones are quite expensive and can be difficult to use.  UNTIL NOW…

CHECK OUT THE NEW AR.DRONE 2.0 and at only $300!

This baby has a high definition camera and is controlled via ipad or other “smart device”.  Check out the videos – this device will be extremely handy come post event!  Can you imagine gathering intel on proximate sources of food or water?  How about having 2 or 3 of these on patrol?  Save your personel for defensive positioning and let these drones sniff out the bad guys!  Use it to monitor a group gathering resources – the possibilities are endless.

I would like to see IR/NV capabilities added and if I know they way tech goes – this is coming.

If you get one - stock up on spare parts and have a solar setup that can be used to charge the controller and drone.  Keeping this flying throughout unrest will give you an unbelievable advantage! 




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