Peanut Butter and Bleeding Gash Clamps

Happy Easter Readers!

As I was roaming Costco yesterday I came across the peanut butter.  Personally I prefer the smaller sized 6-pack from because based on the smaller unit size they are easier to store, give you more options for breaking up the pack and – well, I just like skippy creamy peanut butter!  Back to Costco (who doesn’t support bloggers BTW whose only income comes from readers buying through their sites – so please help us pay the bills and buy stuff once and a while… THANKS!) where I picked up a jumbo double pack of peanut butter for my pantry.  PB is an essential part of every preppers pantry!  It is a compact, portable source of protein and calories for a great low price.  Kids as well as adults are used to eating it (unless you have a peanut allergy) and add a couple pieces of bread (or even crackers) in addition to said peanut butter and you have a quick and portable meal.  Jars of peanut butter also have a great shelf life.  Can you say excellent barter idea?  So how many jars of peanut butter is good? 

How many do you have?






Now check this out… the new ITClamp from ITC.

The ITClamp was inspired by hinged hair-clips—the spring-loaded ones with the interlocking combs. Say, as in the video above, you find your self in a subway station, bleeding profusely from a newly discovered hole in your arm. Rather than just sit there and bleed to death, you pull out an ITClamp. It’s a sterile plastic device, about five cm long with two rows of interlocking needle teeth, which run along each side of the wound and provide the grip to pull the flesh closed. This produces a clot under the injury and reduces blood loss until you can receive further treatment. This process is reportedly significantly faster than applying a tourniquet. The ITClamp will reportedly retail for $65 once it passes regulatory inspections. [from Gizmodo]

Granted this thing looks VERY PAINFUL to apply but I guess it is better than dying from blood loss.




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