Peak Oil

Ok,Ok, I am not a doom and gloomer.  But I just watched the Oil Apocalypse on Mega-Disasters … interesting stuff.

They predict that the world will fall into a global Recession if oil reserves run out!  HAHAHAHAHHA …. Recession?  No No my friend, how about global destruction?  The world has shrunk in size, no not literally but figuratively based on our technology.  You can go London to San Francisco in 10+ hours.  You can order products online from anywhere in the world and for a few extra bucks it will be there tomorrow!! As a humanity we have grown accustomed to the conveniences that modern technology provides to us. But that technology is based 99.99% on OIL!!!  The one thing everyone agrees on is that it is not IF oil runs out but WHEN!  When oil runs out this planet is going to freak out because everything we have grown accustomed to will be gone!  Poof!

Planes, Trains, 18 wheelers ALL run on gas.  No matter how many Priuses you buy it will not make up for the trillions of gallons of gas that are required to run our infrastructure.  Planes, trains and autos are crucial for transport and delivery of everything you have in your house. 

So how do you “prepare” for peak oil?   Well first off get ready to move within biking distance of your job.  Get ready to be making less as your employer now only sells to those who can walk or bike to his shop and not the world.  Be prepared for world war three to be fought over the final millions of barrels of oil as oil is the only thing that will run tanks and fighter jets.  I haven’t heard much about a hybrid battle tank or electric f-22 Raptor… you?

In all reality though you should plan to get your solar or wind power system as soon as possible.  Imagine the demand and price increases you are going to see when John Q Public realizes that he may not have any power to his home in a few years. 

An oil catastrophe is going to be a global changing event.  Not something you can “ride out” and wait for a return to normalcy.  I do not really fear that it will happen during my lifetime, but I fear for my kids and grand kids. 

On the plus side, the environment will really see benefits from the oil Apocalypse.  No more fuel to burn and it is very likely we will return to nuclear power for electricity which I think is an EXCELLENT idea.

Peak oil could very well be just like the mortgage and housing crisis.  Everyone saw it coming and no one did a damn thing about it until it was too late.  The news started small and then stories just kept pouring out until we all realized this was some serious stuff we are into.  Watch out for headlines about OPEC refusing to increase oil production … Oh wait, you mean like this one just a few months ago.  Let me ask you this, Why wouldn’t you increase your output of a product that you could sell without limits? Maybe because you can’t increase output?  I leave you with that.

Just some ranting for you guys.


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