Opportunity – Get Your Supply Before the Demand Does


Empty supermarket shelves before Hurricane Sandy.
Photo By Daniel Case (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)

As many of you may have noticed, we have been having some professional posts put up. Although we are all avid preppers, when it comes to some of the technical stuff, pros are just better at writing it.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about supply and demand. The recent tsunami that has hit firearms availability was a real eye opener. Not only are ARs and other semi-automatic rifles as well as 30-round mags gone – and basically gone overnight but also the AMMO, 10-Round Mags, Optics, Parts Kits, and Repair/Maintenance Kits… I mean, MY GOD! The hoarding mentality swept through the stores and cleaned them out. If you didn’t have it – you weren’t getting it!

I must admit to you it was a very scary feeling to visit all the shops, both brick n’ mortar and online and see inventory GONE… just PLAIN OLE GONE! This was nothing like the scarcity we saw when Obama was first elected. This was swift and instant. I started to look to the secondary market and what I found was a limited quantity and INSANE…. I repeat, INSANE prices.

Now, when I saw this I started to think about other vital items that IF, somehow, the general public thought was going to be limited or in short demand, they would start hoarding. This made me think of food.

If I felt helpless not being able to purchase ammo, magazines or firearms, how would I feel when the food was gone? Believe me when I say that given the time it took to clean out gun stores is NOTHING compared to the time it will take to wipe out grocery stores, warehouse stores and mom n’ pop shops clean. The firearm buying public is only but a fraction of the population – last time I checked… EVERYONE NEEDS TO EAT. Food prices will SKYROCKET like we’ve never seen and likely cannot comprehend.

Warren Buffet and other successful investors know that you should never be doing what the general public is doing… if everyone is buying – sell. If everyone is selling – buy. The same is true for prepping. While everyone is scrambling for guns, get food. When people are scrambling for food, get guns.

If you are sitting pretty foodwise, when a massive event occurs, you won’t be going to Walmart to get food like the masses, you will hit homedepot or some other shop to get more obscure preps because your bases are covered. You can afford to put some icing on your cake since it is already baked!

This little exercise in supply and demand was an eye opener. If you want something when the shit hits the fan, get it now or don’t expect to get it at all. You never know when we are going to wake up to a North Korean Nuke attack on the US. Also, don’t forget the socialist in charge has the power to exercise executive power over the nation’s food…. scary? F-yes!



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