Night Vision a Game Changer for Preppers?

Night VisionNight Vision – You absolutely will NOT be able to get it after the crash/event – NO ONE will trade you for one – you can’t make it… so if you want it, your only choice is to get it now.

Should you buy night vision?  Good Question.

NV is expensive.  Funds that would be spent on NV could go to more practical preps; food, ammo; medicine; water supply and treatment.  If you are reader of my blog you know I favor these preps over everything else.

NV can also be a game changer if something happens.  The United States’ superiority in the military arena is because it is one of the few countries that can fight in the dark (We used to be the ONLY one that could).  I could argue that a pair of Gen 3 or Gen 4 NV goggles coupled with a Glock pistol would have the same force and effect as a rifleman (i.e. – properly equipped and lightly trained soldier) who has no NV optics and thus cannot see in the dark.  Information regarding target location and efficient maneuvering in the dark will give you the advantage in combat and evasion.  Let’s face, in post SHTF world evasion is your best bet.

Speaking of evasion, NV will allow you to scavenge and maneuver at night.  That is an advantage over 99% of the population.  Add to that the myriad of products that enhance night vision such as IR beacons for friend or foe designations, IR glow sticks to mark positions, IR lasers to target enemies, IR brite strike balls to illuminate an potential area for entering (the link is to the regular version).  BTW – you ever heard of Glint Tape?  Check the video here…

The video takes a minute to get to the good part but just wait for it…

So, as you can see if you can afford it, NV can be a HUGE advantage if the world falls to shit and the more I read and see where we are headed – the more I believe this is possible.



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