New Prepper TV Shows NOT Good for Prepper Movement

Ok – Ok – Ok… I may seem like a hypocrite because I have been posting casting calls for the preppers shows but I am going out on a limb and making the call… PREPPER SHOWS ARE BAD FOR THE PREPPER MOVEMENT!

First I want to set some groundwork.

The prepper movement is real and it benefits ALL of us who are already prepping.  WHY?  Because I would be thrilled to know that my entire neighborhood is prepped.  This would alleviate my worries about having conflicts with them over what I have and they don’t and it would make us a unified group.  I, and all preppers have a vested interest in everyone around us prepping.  The prepping movement is important.

In every subsect or group in our society there are moderates and zealots.  I am sure that there are very wealthy socialites out there who are modest and decent people BUT the Kardashians and Hiltons (zealots) give them a bad name.  WHY?  Because TV is the main source of much of our opinions (don’t get mad at this you know I am not talking about you [insert sarcastic tone]) and TV producers only want the crazy, headline grabbing nut jobs from the group they are featuring.  As an italian american I am appalled at the Jersey Shore but I know they are just the crazy people the TV producers found to get ratings.  Sadly, most of the county now generalizes italian americans because of this show.

How This Effects Preppers

This sort of generalization is not so bad for italian americans because we all know some ourselves and know them not to be like the jersey shore pukes.  Some of us maybe even know some wealthy socialites and know them to be modest, philanthropic individuals.  BUT MOST PEOPLE WATCHING THESE NEW PREP SHOWS DON’T KNOW PREPPERS!!! We aren’t known because (a) we are relatively small, (b) we have only just begun to advocate publicly and (c) the Prepper OPSEC is inherently one of secrecy and concealment.

I think you see the problem.  Society is being informed about preppers through Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Bunkers.  I have now watched hours of these programs along with the myriad of other prep specials out there.  The producers are showing crazy preppers and now society in general is forming an opinion about us based on these shows.

EXAMPLE - On Doomsday Bunkers – They have a retired police officer who has two kids, one appeared to be an adult and one an adolescent.  She has her house full of preps that go way beyond what she would need to support the three people she cares about.  My wife happened to be reading a book next to me as I was watching the show and she blurted out of nowhere - ”That is more like hoarding” … then it dawned on me – if she equated prepping to hoarding, which is a documented psychological disorder that is treated with therapy, to prepping then the rest of the world might be – nay, probably is too!!!  And this is coming from the wife of a PREPPER!!!  The show goes on to show her buying a $150,000 bunker with sleeping for 10?  WTF?  This is just crazy…

These preppers are not a valid cross section of the prepping community.   

I am calling out the producers of these shows to portray the prepping public in a realistic light.  Show that prepping is not a lifestyle but an insurance policy.  Show that preps are done in moderation.  Show that preppers “prep to live” and not “live to prep”. 

BTW – I just picked up these two books and will let you know what I think once I get through them; Holding Their Own and Without Rule of Law.  Both by Joe Nobody who I did the last book review on.  As as attorney, I am particularly interested in the book about lawlessness.



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