Need a Reason to Stock Ammo and Guns?

Watch any of the behind the scenes series on prisons!  These are the hombres that are hidden from the general suburbanite’s watchful eye.  They are seriously bad dudes.  Rape, murder, you name it they have done it!  The risk that they will get out during a lawless/grid down situation and find their way to you is too great.  Be sure you have enough firepower to defend your family!

As a side note, the documentary I was watching last night was about the super-duper-uper maximum security prisons.  The ones where prisoners go after attacking guards.  The “units” as they are called only handle a fraction of the inmates as a normal prison because they are so dangerous.  These guys have to where “spit hoods” and rubber helmets because they like to head-butt guards. 

So I am watching this program and they show the procedure where THREE guards take about TWO HOURS to get this scum-bag murder rapist out of his cell for a HAIRCUT!!!! Really? Think of the cost per hour of these three guards to YOU AND I so this piece of $HIT can get a haircut!!

Warning politically INCORRECT opinion/statement ahead … stop reading if you are a liberalWHEN ARE WE GOING TO TAKE THESE TYPES OF PRISONERS OUT BACK AND PUT A BULLET IN THEIR HEAD?  The money that the government is forced to spend on these people could be used to help children, the sick or other people that really need it! 

What really pisses me off is that when it comes time for food rationing, I guarantee you someone is going to object to prisoners being the first to stop receiving food!!  “They have rights too!!” (SP throws up in his mouth).  But by sharing the limited food supplies with these people you essentially say that they are equal to the general law abiding public, in my opinion they are not!!  We may have to make some tough decisions in the future regarding our limited resources, I hope the policitians have the stones to start reducing what the prison population gets first.

Yeah I know, cruel and unusual punishment … how about the cruel and unusual crimes these guys are guilty of committing? 


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