My Take on “The Colony” TV Show

If you don’t know about “The Colony” survival TV show you can check it out here.

There is currently a TON of opinions out there about whether the show is realistic, whether the participants are this or that, what can be done to improve the reality… it goes on and on. 

My opinion is simple.  This show that you have to prepare ahead of time or you won’t survive.  On the show these 10 people did NOT prepare.  They were thrown into the mix and the producers provided them with food, tools, a warehouse full of materials and so on.  This group is doing ok for themselves BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE TOOLS AND SUPPLIES TO DO SO.  So what is the lesson, unless you have the stuff to survive with, all the skills in the world won’t help you.

This is just a quick rant to further support the idea that preps need to be on hand BEFORE disaster strikes.

As a side note, in my opinion, the most unreal part of this “scenario” is that these people are not still reeling from the loss of EVERYONE they ever know and loved.  As the sole survivors of a viral outbreak they would have spent that last few weeks or months watching their loved-ones die and burying their children.  That would definitely effect them!  (If you don’t know, the “scenario” they are living in is that a viral outbreak has decimated the population and they are some of the few remaining survivors.)  Bottom line, the show has it’s weaknesses but it is a VERY good first effort.


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