My Biggest Survival Fear…And Probably Yours Too!

Like many of you, I am just a suburbanite schlub who loves his family, works hard and has the foresight to realize that prepping is important.  I am not a former military intelligence officer.  I didn’t run Black Ops in Denang during the Tet Offensive of (whatever year?).  Those with military experience may (I stress ‘may’) have an advantage of us normal everyday folk.  Those with criminal or gang experience do have an advantage.  If you are a serial killer, well, you get where I’m going.

See, I believe that if the disaster is big enough and its effects are long lasting, society will break down.  Like Katrina has shown us, people can go from calm law abiding citizens to man-imals willing to kill, rape and loot in a very short period of time.  Like many of you, I am well armed, well stockpiled with ammunition and reasonably proficient at civilian arms fire.  I am confident that I have the sufficient skill to hit what I am aiming at.  But will I “take the shot”?  I am scared shitless at the thought of having to do it!

My dad was in Vietnam.  When I was old enough he talked about his experiences a little.  He told my that killing another person is more difficult that putting a burning needle in your eye. Yes, a little more detailed than I needed but it got his point across.  Killing another human being is VERY difficult!  If you are serving or have served in IRAQ or Afghanistan then you may be at an advantage when it comes to making that decision.  If you killed another human being then you are far less hesitant to pull the trigger.  You have already made a “you or me decision” and taken a person’s life to save your own or that of a fellow serviceman.  If you are an infantryman you may have had to actually look at their face and see the consequences of your actions.  If you are an A-10 pilot and just unleash hell from the sky perhaps you don’t have the experience of getting your hands dirty. 

If you are a gang banger who has been raised in a violent world and seen death throughout your life then you are the future leaders of the groups that will raise from the ashes of society.  Too dramatic?  Ok, fair enough.  Remember, these kids (mostly teens and twenty year olds) are going to have violent tendencies to begin with.  Making the change to man-imal in a lawless society will be effortless.  If you are a serial killer, well, then you were out killing anyway and you might actually not like the competition!  Let alone now all your victims are armed!

That brings us to you an me.  I love my family.  I will shoulder the burden of taking another man’s life if I believe it is necessary to save theirs.  I do not want my wife or children to have to live with the regret and stress of killing another person.  But if it comes to that, do I have what it takes to shove the burning needle in my eye?  Do you?  I don’t have an answer.  The situation hasn’t occurred.  I can tell you that I will do everything I can to avoid it, be prepared if it needs to happen and do my best to make the right decision depending on the circumstances.

Many of you know that I am in the legal field.  I am currently awaiting my bar results in order to be a licensed attorney in the state of California.  I do not practice in the criminal law field which covers self defense and the defense of others so anything said is not to be construed as legal advice.  The common law allows a person to use deadly force if reasonably necessary to protect your life or the lives of others or to prevent grievous bodily harm.  Every state is different as the requirements of self defense are usually codified (defined by law).  It is useful to pull your state’s statute (law) on self defense and know the requirements.  Some states are more liberal than others.  Ask Joe Horn about that. The belief that your life is in danger is a subjective one.  In other words, it is YOUR belief or opinion at the moment the action took place.  It is not what a judge, jury or prosecutor believes after the dust settles and everyone has time to reflect on the actual circumstances, it is what you felt or believed at that very moment.  In a time of societal unrest and violence your subjective belief that your life was in danger will be easier to proof to a jury (if a later trial takes place).  When the looting starts and the bullets begin to fly, it is reasonable that a person would interpret an adversary’s even slightest move as a danger to their life. 

If it gets crazy out there, do your best to mentally prepare for doing some nasty, regrettable yet necessary shit!

Prepare, Care and Live!


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