More Japan Lessons

Yeah, I am pretty much just taking clips or ‘soundbytes’ from the recent events in Japan – Events? Yeah – Earthquake, Tsunami AND nuclear disaster.  Japan is just getting rocked.  I can’t possibly imagine what they are going through.

 Shopping frenzy
In Tokyo, canned goods, batteries, bread and bottled water vanished from store shelves and long lines of cars circled gas stations as the nuclear crisis set off panic-buying.

Far outside the disaster zone, stores were running out of necessities, raising government fears that hoarding may hurt the delivery of emergency food aid to those who really need it.

The frenzied buying has compounded supply problems from damaged and congested roads, stalled factories, reduced train service and other disruptions caused by Friday’s earthquake and tsunami.

Tourists such as Christy Niver, of Egan, Minn., said they had had enough and were leaving. Her 10-year-old daughter, Lucy, was more emphatic. “I’m scared. I’m so scared I would rather be in the eye of a tornado,” she said. “I want to leave.”

Even in the western city of Hiroshima, which was untouched by the disaster, stores are running out of batteries and the media was warning people not to hoard, a local government official said. 

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AND Check THIS Out - A simply amazing display by the New York Times with Before and After.  There is a little slider on the picture that you move side to side for before and after – simply unbelievable devastation.

Please – Give to the Red Cross - DONATE HERE -  Japan is going to need your help.  This will need to be a GLOBAL effort in order to help Japan recover. 


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