Mega Disasters

 I LOVE the Show Mega Disasters on the History Channel!  Here is a quick link to an upcoming episode about a BIG Quake in San Francisco.

Mega Disasters: San Francisco Earthquake

Warning: Not for any of you cave dwellers stick stuck on dial up!!! Lots of graphics and ads.


Oh, One final note for the day.  BEWARE OF ONLINE CAMERA RETAILERS WITH SEEMINGLY LOW PRICES.  As preppers we order a lot of gear online as it is mostly specialty type gear that is not available in brick-and-mortar stores.  Please beware.  I almost got burned just today on a “too good to be true price” … guess what?  It was.  Be VERY leery of those online price comparison sites as well.  Most of them are owned by the very companies they are listing as the low price choice with a high customer rating!  Before you buy from one, google the website and see what pops up.  I did, and I was unpleasantly surprised to see the number of people scammed by the site I had just placed an order with.  Luckily, I cancelled it in time. 



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