Man-imals, Definition: When men and woman turn into animals due to some external event.

I was watching the news and two stories about man-imals caught my attention.  The first was about the Myanmar cyclone.   It turns out that once a food store opened up there were fights and disorder by those attempting to get some food or portable water.  This is understandable as the conditions there are horrible.  The second story concerns a gas station here in the states selling discounted gas at $3.55/gallon (discount huh?) anyway, when the employees started telling folks in line (which wrapped around the block) that no one else will receiving the discounted price fights broke out!  Seriously?  If people are fighting over discounted gas what is going to happen when the S really hits the fan?

Be VERY leery of your fellow citizens.  History has shown us that humans revert back to an animal like state rather quickly when times get tough.  Go read Lord of the Flies again if you don’t believe me.   Do not underestimate the desperation you are going to encounter when a major event hits town. People are going to be irrational and violent and it will happen quickly.  People that may have been your friends when times were good will step right over you (or worse) if it comes down to you or them. NEVER under estimate a starving man-imal or a man-imal trying to get food for his/her family!

Your goal should be sufficient preparations that allow you to stay in placewhen the SHTF.  You should have everything you need.  Resist the greed or paranoia that you need just a few more things. If you venture out among the man-imals then you risk a violent confrontation that will leave someone injured or dead. 


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