Make a List and Check it Twice!

Note: This somehow got posted to May 3rd!  Sorry for the confusion.  This is supposed to be Saturday’s post.

When it comes to disaster preparedness we cannot predict EVERY type of disaster nor can we predict EVERYTHING we will need.  On top of that, due to cost and space constraints, we cannot purchase and store everything we MIGHT need.  Since we don’t know whether disaster will strike tomorrow we must weigh the expense of additional preps against the possibility a disaster won’t happen.  For instance, you must weigh the cost vs. benefit of spending $2,500 on some sweet gen II night vision goggles which will undoubtedly be worth their weight in gold come SHTF versus the $2,500 you will need to spend now for your daughters braces.  Anyone who blindly preps without considering the fact that disaster may never strike and sacrifices leading a normal life is a crazy survivalist-type. If you raise your family huddled in a basement in the middle of no where and your children lack social interaction and a normal upbringing then you have failed them as a parent when, in fact, you were trying to protect them.  (SP steps off the soapbox and gets back to his point)

So everyday we must make decisions about getting more prep gear and food versus the cost that we will not be saving money, buying our kids the new G.I. Joe with a kung-fu grip or taking our wife to Vegas.  A dilemma in normal times? Yes.  But what if you had inside knowledge the S was hitting the fan tomorrow?  That would make our job easy.  You would drain the bank account, cash in the savings bonds, sell everything that didn’t have post-apocalyptic value and buy food, guns, ammo, medicine, night vision, body armor, basically everything you think you will need. 

So, when you get the word (whether it is a week, day or just hours) how will know what you still need to grab?  Make a list and check it twice!

I like the list because if something happens to me, my wife and kids and pick up right where I left off.  [I do realize this post is contrary to a previous post where I recommend sitting tight during a sudden onset of a SHTF event to avoid man-imals.  This post is distinguished by the caveat that you would actually have some time to gear up in a safe fashion.  Some items on my list are only available on the Internet and therefore would require lead time to secure.]

Here is an example of what I am talking about.  This is a listing I made a few years ago.  I use it as a checklist of sorts.  Many items I have purchased over the years and some I have not.  Some items are things you can never have enough of and therefore if disaster is imminent, getting as much as possible is highly advised.  Some headings are by location so I can run into the grocery store with a pre-made list.   This is not a well thought out or edited list.  It is a recording of my thoughts as they came to me but feel free to use this as a road map for your own list.  Remember, when the S hits the fan, you will not be thinking clearly.  Use your list to help organize your purchases when you have limited time and resources available. 

Immediate Purchases (if possible): (Green – Internet only type specialty items)


 Hopefully this helps.


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