Long Term Lighting Solutions

The grid goes down and all power is lost.  You fire up your flashlights and do your best to conserve battery life but as the days go on your battery supply starts to dwindle.  Maybe you were smart enough to buy a solar battery charger but it is having trouble keeping up with the constant usage.  The generator is only used for emergencies so you don’t want to waste your precious fuel on battery charging!  Maybe you bought enough batteries to power Las Vegas but for most us that is just too expensive!  So SP, are there any alternatives … why yes random reader there is … CANDLES.  Good ole fashioned candles.  Every good prepped home should have a case or two for emergency lighting.  Yes, there are a fire hazard so you have to diligent and yes glow sticks do the same job without any of the fire risks.  But for a low cost back up, you cannot beat a good old fashion candle.  Besides, glow sticks are expensive (compared to candles) and have a finite shelf life.

I picked up a gross of these little guys for $36.  These candles are $0.27 each and burn for 10 hours.  That is $0.03/hour of light.  Not bad if you ask me.  There are “emergency” candles sold by many different vendors buy they can be expensive.  Check out their burn time versus cost before you buy.  The larger candles can be good but can’t spread them around the house for overall lighting. 

Candles do burn dim, but that is good for light discipline and all you need is a few around the house as your night vision will adjust to the light.  Human eyes are pretty spectacular in how well they become adapted to the dark.   A little light goes a long way but if you have NO light at all, you are sunk!


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