Ketchup from 2008 or 2009

So I am having a nice Sunday with my family and my daughters and I head out to Jack-in-the-Box also commonly known as crap-in-the-sack.  We grab a couple burgers and head home.  I grab a bottle of ketchup from the fridge and make a small mental note that it looks a little dark.  Oh well, on we go.  I eat it, the kids eat it and we go about the rest of our day.  As I am BBQ’ing some dinner my wife points out that it expired in June of 2010!  That means it was likely bought in 2008 or 2009 and was therefore 3 to 4 years old and 2 years past expiration.

None of us got sick and it tasted fine.  LESSON: In a survival situation, do NOT let expiration dates scare you.  NOW HOLD ON… I am not advocating eating rotten food but USE GOOD JUDGEMENT.  My plan is to have only one family member try some expired or “questionable” food before letting everyone eat it.  That way, only one person gets sick and not the whole house.

BTW – It was Heinz 57 baby!!!  Only the good stuff for me.









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