Keep It Reasonable

If you are like me, then you are finding it harder and harder to have prep money.  Gas prices are frickin’ ridiculous!  Food prices are soaring and there looks like no end in sight!  Heating and electricity are through the roof and it seems like everytime I go purchase something it is twice what I expected to pay!!

How are we supposed to put preps away for a rainy day when it is pouring right now? 

So what preps can we allocate less amounts of money to?  I believe that most preppers and survivialists go WAAAY overboard with regards to ammunition.  Do you really need 10,000 rounds of ammo?  No, if someone attacks you or your home and a gun battle ensues it is not going to be like the movies!  It is going to be over in a matter of minutes if not seconds.  Maybe you will be able to get off a couple hundred rounds but that is it!  If you lose, you die.  If you win maybe you fight again at some later point but you are not going to get into hundreds of epic gun battles during a grid down situation.  Most of the other people around you are going to be so scared they aren’t going to go looking for armed conflict. 

If the biker gangs or other organized criminals come looking for you then you are probably going to die (sorry for that harsh realization).  They will burn down your house or they will overwhelm you with numbers and shear firepower (they all probably have illegal full-auto ARs or AKs and you have a rifle limited to a 10 round magazine because Clinton or Obama got elected.)  Good news is, if you present a hardened and armed defense to them they will probably go somewhere else.  Why pick on you when there are hundreds of other households unarmed and unprepared.  Predators pick on the weak or injured.  Have you every seen lions hunt?  They go after calves and weak animals that stray from the pack.  So you don’t need thousands of rounds of ammunition to show them you are not a push over.  You do need some ammo though!

Got a pistol?  250 rounds is reasonable.

Got a shotgun? 100 rounds of buck, 50 slugs and another 50 of birdshot.   

Got a rifle? Bolt Action? 200 rounds.  Semi-Auto Assault type? 1,000.

We are in the suburbs here people.  There is very little hunting that can be done so you don’t need a 1,000 rounds of .308 … how many deer do you think you are going to take down on your cul-de-sac?  Between the 200 rounds for your Remington 700 or whatever bolt action rifle you have and the 100 rounds of buck that is 300 potential takedown shots for large game which is more than enough for a suburban prepper.  1,000 rounds for your semi-auto assualt rifle will be enough to show any attackers that there is easier prey elsewhere.  The pistol and other shotgun rounds are good all around and make great backup ammo.

Suburbanites don’t need long term stores of ammo for hunting like outlanders do.  If you are setting yourself up for a long term survival scenario by bugging out to your retreat then yes, get as much ammo as you can store!  But for us suburbanites moderation should be remembered. 

I am not advocating that weaponry or defensive items should be overlooked.  NO NO NO!  What I am advocating is a little reasonableness when it comes to accumulating ammunition because it is getting so damn expensive! 

You can always go the .22 route.  I am a huge fan of a Ruger 10/22.  Great for hunting, easy to stock up on ammo and it will scare 99% of the looter/rapist/badguy population away.  In a SHTF scenario where almost any gun wound can kill you without medical treatment a .22 will get a lot of respect!!!  (Just a side note)


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