It Can Happen at Any Time! Travel Prepping and More!

My last post was telling you about a little R & R in the Sierras which, for those of you that are not from up state California or Western Nevada, is where Reno Nevada is located.  Anyone hear anything about Reno lately?  Check here!

It turns out that for the last two months the Reno area has been pummeled with earthquakes that culminated with a 4.7 rocker on Friday night … WHILE I WAS THERE!  For those of you that are not familiar with earthquakes, 4.7 is pretty heavy duty.  There was another 3.5 about an hour later and 50 more minor ones through the rest of the day.  If you live in Reno, you better check my earthquake post! 

So what does this mean for the suburban prepper?  You never know when disaster may strike!  I was on vacation and I had my guard down.  When the shaking started I realized I was outside of my element and not prepared for something serious.  As a good prepper, I had my “get home bag” which is a prep bag that I keep in my car to … well, get home in the event of a SHTF emergency if I can’t use my car.  But this bag was little consolation considering I was in the Sierras and nighttime temperatures get below freezing, my 4×4 vehicle was in the underground garage and would surely be inaccessible if the building was structurally damaged and I had no idea where the stairwells were!  I knew where the elevator to the Irish Pub downstairs was, I knew where the ski lifts were and I even knew where the Starbucks was … but if I had to run out of the room with my little ones and wife, I probably would waste valuable time looking for the stairs.  Even if I got out, I would be stuck refugee style in freezing weather with two children and no where to go.  It was pretty tough trying to go to sleep after running all these scenarios through my head.

I am not preaching that you need to travel with a full SHTF supply kit or never travel for that matter because you are paranoid something may happen while you are away from your piles of prep gear.  Truth of it is, you are more likely to die on the way to work this morning than you are on vacation.  I am advocating a little diligence on your part while traveling.  I have been in a hotel that caught fire.  We had 15 – 30 minutes to get out.  Plenty of time to get some things together, find the exists and get out.  In the case of an earthquake … you have minutes and maybe only seconds!

As far as travel prep goes, here are some suggestions that I did do and now will do:

  1. Throw a flashlight or two into your bag (along with spare batteries).  Preferably a powerful one with a short run time and a low output LED type with a longer run time.
  2. Carry a couple glow sticks with you, either in your packed suitcase or carry-on type bag. I CANNOT STRESS LIGHTING ENOUGH!  If you have ever been without it when you needed it you will understand!
  3. When you check in, scope the halls for the stairs.  It will only take a few minutes and will not cause much disruption.
  4. Put together a little travel prep kit.  Throw in some first aid items, a multi-tool (you can’t take them on planes so beware!), a couple food bars (I like these.  They have a long shelf-life and taste pretty good),  and a solar blanket. 
  5. Keep your shoes by the bed (like you do at home right?) in case you gotta bug out of the hotel.  Remember, you don’t know the layout of the hotel room like your own home.  Stuff can be misplaced real easy!

Just stay alert and diligent and you should be fine.  Remember … The S hits the Fan WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT!!

Other Stuff:

Food: Yes, it seems that there is a food shortage.  I am not one to spread paranoia but over at Nitro-Pak they are now at 10 – 18 days behind in processing time!!! They are normally 1 -2 days.  They are also stating that certain food items may be on “backorder”.  Over at Emergency Essentials, their freeze dried food selection is hurting BAD!!! Only Mountain House stuff is in stock.  Almost all of their Provident Pantry line and Super Pails are OUT!  Make your own call here people but it does seem that people are hoarding!  It couldn’t hurt to get a little extra.


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