Information is Key – Become a HAM!

Information.  Corporations spend billions of dollars per year launching satellites to ensure communications, governments make confidential communications priority one during times of war.  Sheeple, sorry, people spend hours in front of the TV or internet every day for information.  Why?  Information is key in good times… and bad!

How can you keep the flow of information coming when the SHTF?  Internet?  Nope, the internet is as fragile as a glass ornament.  There are thousands or switches, hubs, boosters and lines that depend on grid power, daily maintenance and will assuredly go down when the SHTF.  Phone?  Wrong again.  similar to the infrastructure that supports the internet-although not as fragile-phone systems are a labyrinth of physical wires and connections that cannot be counted on when times are tough.  Cell phones? HA!  Not only do cell phone towers link through traditional ‘lan line’ phone wires but they too are dependent on power and rely on the phone companies for maintenance.

So where to SP?  BECOME A HAM!  Yes, take communications into your own hands and become an amateur radio operator.  Before you even ask, yes… the SP is a HAM!  And proud of it.

The HAM network is self sustained.  We all (mostly) have our own station (equipment) with the off-grid power needed to keep them running in down times.  We have repeaters maintained by individuals, who know how to keep them running.  We are prepared and trained in emergency communications.  We form a grid over the entire world that allows us to keep communications open when mass media systems are down.

I my case, the rewards are even greater.  In my community we have an extensive HAM involvement in the emergency operations of my city.  The emergency frequencies are public knowledge so if something goes down, I know the exact frequency to tune in to get informed and help if I can.

Go out and become a HAM.  We will be the only ones communicating when the grid goes down.  Will you be part of the new ‘net’?


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