Inexpensive Yet CRITICAL Prep? GLOVES!

Prepper GlovesThank you to those readers who emailed me asking if I was ok… I am. As many of you know prepping is a hobby and not a job so when time gets tough – prepping falls into second place. I apologize and appreciate my loyal readers!

I was moving some furniture around this weekend. Not your run of the mill “does the table look better here or here?”-type moving, but move, load, transport, unpack and relocate type moving. Of course, as any good prepper would – I had my gloves. In fact, I have at least 5 pairs of quality gloves in the house at any time. Just in case… well, I don’t need to explain it to you!

While I was moving I took the gloves off to tie the load and then, without putting them back on, had to grab something and move it. My goodness what a difference. I am a guy who realizes the need for gloves already but this weekend really drove the point home in just an instant. You know where I am going with this – PREP GLOVES. Prep a ton of them. Grab them at Homedepot as an impulse buy because (1) YOU can never have too many and (2) EVERYONE ELSE will need them and thus they will be an excellent bartering tool.

Gloves will not only feel better but also cut down on minor injuries thus preserving your medical and first-aid supplies. THEY JUST MAKE SENSE.

I challenge you to work a full day with and then WITHOUT gloves just to see the difference. Then, imagine NEVER having a pair of gloves again coupled with more physical work then you have ever done before. That is what SHTF without gloves will be like!

I like THESE – they are handyman style multipurpose gloves.  Amazon has them for a decent price.   BONUS – while shopping for the gloves I saw this!  A magnetic wristband?  Uh, yeah – I bought it! (Actually 2!)

You can also go bulk for barter or back up.  I have a bin of these in the garage in various condition.  Sometimes old gloves are very handy.  They are already broken in and I use them for dirtier jobs or if I know I am going to ruin them.  Better the gloves than my hand!

I am working on a new post about the plate-carrier and body armor I bought for my wife and I.  See what I learned and how they turned out (learn from my mistakes!)  CHECK BACK SOON!



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