If It Isn’t One Thing … It is Another!

Well, for a while it looked like the subprime mess was going to sink the US economy, spread to the rest of the world and sink the planet into a global recession or depression.  In my opinion that was a little over the top. 

I call the US the “teenage girl” of the global economy.  We buy everything and do nothing.  The only thing that keeps us going is an influx of cash for no substantial reason.  For teenage girls it is mommy & daddy and for the US it is foreign investments.  Either way it can’t last forever and eventually that teenage girl has to suck it up get a job and do SOMETHING to actually EARN rather than live off someone else.  The US needs to get off its A$$ and EARN some money (at least more than it spends!).  Otherwise, we are going to have to resort to some pretty unpleasant alternatives to keep this country moving.  Astronomical tax rates and extreme cuts in benefits are likely.  The analogy is akin to that teenage girl stripping at the local “gentleman’s club”.  She doesn’t want to actually do ANYTHING about her spending too much but has no other choice to keep herself in Coach purses and BMWs.  Stripping sucks but living without tangible goodies it WAY WORSE.

Every day I am swayed more that the US is headed for disaster.  Not a quick “you can live off your preps until the dust settles” type but a “forever changing oh my God how did we NOT see this coming” type disaster.  The US has had its time at the top and now it is someone else’s turn.  All great civilizations fall!  That is guaranteed.  It wasn’t IF the US would eventually fall to ruin it was WHEN.  I personally was hoping that I would see my grandchildren live the American Dream that I am living but there may not be enough time!  I LOVE this country!  I am a true patriot and I am very PROUD of the American Spirit.  I am sure the founders of this great nation are rolling in their graves to see what has become of it.  Career politicians, out of control spending, dependence of foreign energy, immigration policies with no rhyme or reason and a faltering economy.

I see three main “snakes in the wood pile” that may individually or collectively bring us down:

1) Economy: I do NOT mean the subprime mess.  The conditions during the great depression were far worse and we got through that in a few decades.  I mean the spending more than we make fiasco!  Nothing makes a Nation weaker than owing other people money.  Strong nations have their bank accounts overflowing!  We are not borrowing money because we have to, we are doing it because our political system is so BROKEN politicians feel that need to BUY votes and don’t have the BALLS to make budget cuts!!  If we don’t make a change soon the interest on the national debt will eat up the budget which will force a drastic increase in taxes.  This will KILL the US consumer, start a recession/depression, which will drive down wages which will in turn decrease tax revenues and then the government won’t even have the ABILITY to raise money.  The debt gets called in and we have to send stealth bombers to “settle” the debt thus starting WWIII. 

2) Immigration: What an ingenious idea!!! As of today Mexico cannot defeat the US with a concentrated military attack, but what about a slow assault via population shift?  Flood California, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona with Mexicans and let them vote!!!  Brilliant!  That way they elect officials who are sensitive to immigration thus loosening the restrictions and the problem becomes exponential!  Tell me, what would stop a Mexican population from electing a Mexican President?  When they control the numbers, the US is theirs!  In MANY states there are bilingual menus, billboards and street signs.  In my town, private schools are overflowing because public school classes are taught in Spanish and English.  How efficient can that learning experience be if every direction is given TWICE!   Also, what is the influx of illegals doing to the budgets of towns, cities and states?  It is killing it!  Schools are overcrowded, medicare is taxed out and Mary & Joe Taxpayer are the ones footing the bill!!!  Eventually it will force local governments into bankruptcy!  Oh, wait… it already did!   (FYI, I am not a racist.  I am not anti-Mexican.  I am PRO LEGAL IMMIGRATION!!! If you want to come here, you must jump through all the legal hoops like everyone else!  If you want to live in the US, then learn our language, pay your taxes and become a contributing member of our society and not that unwanted house guest that eats all your food, invites his friends over and complains about everything!

3) Foreign Oil Dependence:  Well this is the big one.  There is no shortage of info on peak oil and foreign oil dependence, but just know that this is serious!  The US is either going to have to go cold turkey on oil (by that I mean give it up for civilian use) or we are going to have to bend over and take it “you know where” for a long time, because we don’t have it and will pay anything for it!!!  Just think how powerful those “desert” nations are becoming!  If they wise up and stop living like Gods on earth with palaces and gold toothbrushes and start investing in armies and educations for their populations, they are going to be the next Superpower!  And the little US will be like a crackhead begging for another fix of oil! 

I am soooo sad to say this, but there is a good chance in the next 20 to 30 years that I will move out of the US!  I hope it doesn’t come to that but I refuse to pay $25 a gallon for gas, I refuse to learn Spanish and I refuse to pay 75% of my earnings to the government.  Sadly, I think that is where we are headed.




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