Hints and Clues About Prepping’s Growing Popularity – Costco?

One might ask themselves about the underlying cause for prepping becoming mainstream.  Is it because of the economy?  Is it because of foreign unrest?  Is it because of the walking dead tv show on AMC? No one knows the answer but one thing is for sure – Prepping is growing in popularity as is evidenced by main stream media and business.

Years ago it was companies like Nitro-pak who were the only large prepping retailers.  Now, we have many choices.  Years ago tactical gear was sold only by cheaper-than-dirt and targeted to civilians.  Now we have tactical gear sold at amazon.com.  I like to look at the underlying evidence that prepping is gaining momentum.

Let’s look at Costco.  Yup, Costco.  Costco used to be a place to buy bulk food or batteries but not full of prep gear or long-term storage food.  Many of you might have noticed Costco’s foray into preparedness gear.  Costco has an “Emergency Kits & Supplies” page.  They sell emergency food, bulk supplies like flour, sugar and salt, consumer “mall type” emergency kits, first aid supplies and water barrels.  This is serious – Costco is full on in the prepping market.

First we have their ”emergency food” section.  An entire section dedicated to emergency food.   The fact that a bulk retailer like Costco believes or has seen that bulk food storage is in high demand item is amazing.  Take a look at this area of their website, it has the Shelf Reliance stuff, Chef’s Banquet Food Buckets, Food for Health vegetarian Food, Easy Meal, Mountain House and some buckets of oats.

Next up they have emergency kits, nothing new or fancy.  Some prepackaged survival packs and corporate kits.  I can see why they’d have this – they sell to businesses and businesses might buy this stuff for earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.

In their first aid section they have the run of the mill stuff, first aid kits, a defibrillator (WTF?) but they also have very specialized prepper products such as the Hydrowell Filtration system.  This looks awesome, if I had $300 clams to drop on a filtration system, I’d consider this.   They also have the Hydropack which is one of these new osmosis products that sucks only the pure water into a pouch through a membrane to filter the water.  Yes it’s technical but it even works on scummy pond water!  Check out the video – these pouches are the future of water purification.

For the water barrel section they have this… it is the “we used to have a water problem but after we bought this we don’t anymore” kit… EIGHT 55-gallon barrels with bung wrenches, pumps and water treatment!  I have one of these barrels and it will maintain my family of 5 for 11 days!  (minimum survival at 1 gallon per person per day) – Get 8 of these babies and you have 88 days or almost three months of water with no need for an outside water source.  That is prepping people!

You could seriously stock up and get prepped with just an order to Costco.  Normal/mainstream people are buying this stuff from Costco – people are prepping!  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  Good because, as I have said in the past, the more people who can rely on themselves – the less people we have to shoot trying to take our stuff.  Bad because I think this means that more people see darkness and uncertainty ahead and that may mean it is more likely to happen.

My readers know that it doesn’t matter why you are prepping it is just important that you do.  Prepping is not a lifestyle – I know I am going to get some flack on this – so be it.  Prepping is an insurance policy against the worst disaster possible – the one when people don’t come in ambulances and helicopters or with trucks of food and water – no one comes… you are on your own.

The Suburbanprepper is going to be moving this site off wordpress to a fully independent site so that we may make some money through advertising to support the site.  Expect to see bigger and better things in the future here.  We strive to be most useful, practical, and down to earth website for preppers in the suburbs and cities.

Thanks for your readership… I truly appreciate it!

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