Health Care in Crisis – Guest Article

Today’s article comes to us from RB.  She details ideas on alternative forms of healing and treatment. 

Remember that survival blogs and preparedness blogs are here to help you get IDEAS that you can apply to your own unique preparedness situations.  This article is a perfect example.  At first I was admittedly sceptical about alternative forms of medical treatment.  However, after reading RB’s article I found IDEAS that are very applicable to my own unique situation.  I believe that if there is a major disruption in services do to a SHTF event, medical care is going to be the most serious.  When faced with a medical need and there is no one else to help you alternative forms of treatment may be VERY valuable.  Thank you to RB for taking the time to write for us.

As our economy worsens and food, gas, and health care become more unaffordable, we need to begin taking our own health into our own hands.  We won’t be able to do our own heart surgeries but there are alternative medicine/health practices that are easy to learn and do from which we can reap great benefits for health.  I would like to mention three in particular.
  Reflexology:  there are books and videos available anywhere.  I found a great video at the Goodwill store for less than $3 and a book at a used book seller for $6.  This is easy to do, once you have the technique down.  I can do reflexology on my husband’s feet while we sit and watch a movie (takes about 45-60 minutes) and bring his blood pressure down by as much as 15 points.  It’s usually closer to a 10 point drop, but for a borderline/mild hypertensive person that can be significant.
  EFT:  emotional freedom technique.  There is a website that explains EFT and gives a free book you can download to get you started.  It is tapping on acupressure points to balance your energy zones.  It is easy to do, it is painless, and can show rapid results.  They also have DVDs that you can purchase and an email newsletter that you can receive for free.  The website is
  Ki-iki-jitsu (I think that is the proper name for it) better known as KI:  this is also a technique that balances energy zones.  They have a GREAT book of emergency techniques for things like how to stop bleeding, how to stop a reaction from a bug bite, how to stop a heart attack, how to stop a seizure.  These emergency techniques are super easy.  For instance, to stop any type of bleeding simply place your right hand over the area that is bleeding, place your left hand on top of your right, at right angles, and hold it there until the bleeding stops.  You don’t even have to put pressure on it.  The website offers books and videos/dvds to learn the techniques.  They also offer classes that you can take.  The website is

Please keep the content coming.  So far I have had a very positive response from you readers.  I appreciate your time as I know how difficult it is to make the time to write.


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