Haiti Quake – What to Learn

First off, my thoughts and prayers go out to those in Haiti.  But like everything in life, learn from history - or be doomed to repeat it.

What have we learned from the quake in Haiti?

  1. Large earthquakes can and DO happen… that happen without warning.  The only time to get prepared is NOW.
  2. Looters and ‘wolves’ will take advantage of the choas and the police will not be there to stop them.  The police in Haiti are no where to be found.  See Here.  Plan to protect yourself and your family.
  3. Communications went down and will not be back for a while.  See Here.  If you want to communicate with someone after a major disaster, you better have those systems in place now.  Become a HAM.
  4. Infrusture will be destroyed or become inundated with refugees and rubble.  Relief will have MAJOR problems getting to those who need it.  See Here.  If you are expecting help to come to you-you AND YOUR FAMILY are doomed!
  5. Expect seaports and airports to be either destroyed or overrun.  The seaport in Haiti is damaged and can’t be used.  The airport is slammed by everyone trying to get in and out.  That is called a bottleneck and the amount of assistance that gets in is limited by the local ports’ capacity.  See Here.

Keep Prepping and Good Luck. 


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