Grand Theft Auto IV – Training for a Suburban SHTF Scenario?

Good Afternoon and Salutations Fellow Suburban Marauders:

Yes, the time is quickly approaching … Grand Theft Auto IV is coming to video game systems throughout suburbia. This is the controversial, blood-filled simulation of crime and destruction that has so often been the center of the main-stream media’s attention. It serves as a reminder of everything wrong with society: violence, increased separation of social classes, drugs and even prostitution…GASP!

BOOM! Suburban Combat Looks Good Especially In High Definition! (disclaimer: Police violence is BAD!)

If you are like me living in a moderately populated American city, you have a 2.5 TVs and 1.25 video game systems to go along with your 2.5 children (or whatever we are at today). If you are like me you too will be rushing out to pick up the latest version of the GTA series the moment it hits the shelf. To promote glorified violence? To live out twisted fantasies? No No NO people …
TO TRAIN FOR A SHTF SCENARIO!! No, it isn’t perfect but it is the next best thing to the Military’s urban combat simulator.

Think about it, you get a nice refresher course on firearms (long range weapons vs. the close quarters 12-guage), you get to experience the gang mentality and heirarchy and study the underground economy (read as prostitution and drugs). These are the elements that will undoubtely take over in the months following a societal or economic collapse. Don’t fight it … prepare for it!! Gangs are already organized, well armed and supplied. I don’t know about you but I DO NOT know where to get a live grenade or full-auto AK-47… But I guarantee you they do!! The underground economy has the same sort of supply lines (woman? Drugs?) in place and a list of clients (drug addicts? Johns?) to stay strong through rough times. Sheeple are going to be trading their last bits of food, ammo and guns for drugs and alcohol, the black-marketeers are in turn going to be selling that stuff to us … for what? I am not sure. I guess whatever they don’t have. The point is they are going to be the center of our economy (shutter!)

These Guys are Your New Courtesy Clerks After the SHTF!

According to the game’s makers, they have taken every effort to ensure that the fictional city in the game acts and reacts like the real thing. If you are buying your water from one gang and their rival finds out … uh oh, better pick up that full-auto AK and sand bag the house. There is more to the post-apocolypse world than survival … there are politics. Use GTA IV to practice your post-SHTF diplomacy skills, they may come in handy! So, maybe I am just trying to justify my latest purchase or maybe I am onto something… you decide!

NOTE: Part of this game involves simulated illegal activity. The SP in NO WAY CONDONES ILLEGAL ACTIVITY!! The SP IN NO WAY CONDONES VIOLENCE AGAINST OUR POLICE AND SAFETY OFFICERS!!! I am a supporting citizen of my local Sheriff and Metro Police Officers… Back the Badge!


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