Gold or Glock

Yes, this post is contradictory to some of my previous posts… and yes I have the right to change my mind!  Don’t I?

Glocks versus Gold… what does that mean SP?  Well, I was thinking about the price of gold and thinking ‘I need to get me some (more) just in case the world ends, that way I will have stored my wealth and be able to buy or trade things with my gold’.  Now, at first this sounds good.  But when you look at the utility to price ration of gold versus the utility to price ratio of a Glock, the Glock wins.  Why?  A Glock is only $500 ($650 in California, why?  NO CLUE!) and gold is $1,000 or more an ounce.  Now ask yourself this question… when you walk to the local trader post after a full collapse, what you rather have to barter?  1 ounce of gold or 2 Glocks?  I think you know the answer!

A Glock is going to be MUCH more valuable than an ounce of gold.  It has the ability to be immediately used and it lasts a long time.  I would have no problem using a Glock with a 2,000 round-count.  The gold must be bartered to be of value in a SHTF-scenario.  The Glock is barterable and useful and given the price of gold right now versus the price of a Glock, it is a no-brainer!

No, this is not revolutionary thinking.  I am sure you are muttering to yourself that I am an idiot and stating the obvious.  But if just one of my loyal readers goes out and gets TWO Glocks instead of ONE ounce of gold, well, then I have helped that person become less apocalyptically-challenged <— that is the new term for sheeple.  You are politically correct, aren’t you?

So get some Glocks with two additional mags and a 250-round battle pack of ammo and store them for bartering INSTEAD of the gold… I think it is a wiser investment!

Or you can just get a gold Glock like this!!!  Haha!



Check this out!!!!  This is the new KA-BAR Becker Tac Tool!!! This is a must have for us survivalist/prepper types!  From the site … “A design collaboration between Ethan Becker of BK&T and John Benner of TDI, the Tac Tool smashes, bashes, prys, hammers and cuts. It is equally powerful at lifting stubborn hinge pins, prying open doors or windows, and hammering out glass as it is efficient at cutting 550 cord.”

Now don’t run out and pay $140 for this puppy.  A little searching and I found it for $72.92.  How else can you ride out the zombie apocalypse in style then with one of these!


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